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caption bottom“A neighborhood within a neighborhood.” - Ross Chapin

Sweetgrass is our vision for a farm-to-table community near Nashville, Tennessee.


Grounding our project, guiding our decisions.



To create the first farm-to-table community near Nashville, TN that is focused on serving active seniors, young families, and those with mild disabilities.



Sustainability is not just for the environment, but is fundamental to community life. We see being a part of nature and land as a necessary and missing component from modern life.



Our caring for the land fosters our caring for one another. As roots grow, so does our relationship with each other. We value community.

People We Serve

Sweetgrass is a community of people who value diversity of age, abilities and race.


Active Seniors

The heart of any great community are its wisest members! We seek to take an active role in the minds of our younger members, by taking a leadership role in the community.

cheerful adult men with disability sitting at the desk in rehabilitation center

Vulnerable Among Us

People with mild disabilities, children aging out of foster care and highly functioning young adults with autism will get the support they need to navigate the complexities of life.


Young families

The spirit of community is in our children. Find an alternative way of raising a family in an environment that fosters connection with the land and people around you.


We need your help! There are currently 6 ways to get involved at Sweetgrass: