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caption bottom“Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.” -Sioux Prayer

Looking for Land

By Thelma Kidd | 27-Oct-2017 | 0

The Sweetgrass Core Group was encouraged by our consultant, David Berto, to establish a checklist of criteria for our land search. Seemed like it would...

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Traumatic Brain Injury Family Support Program Available

By Asia Corder | 18-Oct-2017 | 0

My name is Asia Corder and I work with The Arc of Davidson County and Greater Nashville as the Traumatic Brain Injury Family Support Coordinator....

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Sweetgrass Community Moving Forward

By Dave Walton | 18-Oct-2017 | 0

The Sweetgrass Community took a significant step forward with two days of project planning on September 21 and 22. Up until now we knew what...

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So, What is Sweetgrass?

By Mary Kay Walton | 02-Sep-2017 | 0

Sweetgrass is a sacred plant to Native Americans. Its scientific name is Hierochloe adorata, meaning the fragrant, holy grass. In the Cherokee language, wiingaashk, it...

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Baby Boomers and Other Residents

By Mary Kay Walton | 26-Aug-2017 | 0

Our community is like a three-legged stool. It takes all three legs (seniors, young people and those with mild disabilities) to make the stool, and...

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Dirt Makes You Happy

By Mary Kay Walton | 26-Aug-2017 | 0

Recent research has shown that having one’s hands in the dirt increases feelings of happiness. The gardeners among us knew that already! Seriously, research has...

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What’s an Agrihood?

By Mary Kay Walton | 26-Aug-2017 | 1

Thanks to Ross Chapin Architects for allowing the use of photos depicting communities and houses designed by their company.  These photos communicate the vision of...

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