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Looking for Land

Looking for Land

By Thelma Kidd | 27-Oct-2017 | 0

The Sweetgrass Core Group was encouraged by our consultant, David
Berto, to establish a checklist of criteria for our land search. Seemed like it
would be a piece of cake. A few weeks later we have done it. First came
a survey and pulling together of responses. Then a conference call—rich
discussions and adding to the criteria list. Then David Berto developed a
land evaluation tool, weighted for our most desired features. Now we are
armed and ready to enter a land search in a systematic way; at least more
systematic than our previous outings, enjoyable as they were.

The process was revealing. We found that our values are very compatible.
We all put “having a water source” at the top of the list. Water is valuable to
all of us. We value nature, so wish to establish a development that is at least
semi-rural. We value community and want to be near small to medium sized
towns. We value young adults, so want to be close to good schools for their
children. We value beauty (trees, etc). We value good food, so want flat,
fertile soil for a vegetable garden. And so on.

The following is a description of our desired property. Please contact us if
you see or hear of property that fits this description.

Sweetgrass should be located on a quiet, serene, beautiful piece of
property of at least ten acres with a stream, creek or pond on the
property.  The group is willing to consider acreage up to 60 acres and
larger if the other criteria are met.

On the land, there needs to be 1 – 3 acres of level land, closely
surrounded by trees, which can be easily excavated for building homes
and other structures.  At a minimum there must be at least one
additional acre of fertile soil for gardening but it would be preferable to
have 2-3 additional acres for larger scale farming, including being able
to grow cash crops or have logging.

Access to Nashville should be via a major road with not more than 1 1/2
hours driving time.  Access to schools is critical for attracting young

Having a local utility infrastructure — electricity, internet access — is
also very important.

Pluses but not requirements are:

a barn on the property
near a small or medium size town
possibility for future expansion
Keep your eyes open! Thanks for your help.

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