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caption bottom“Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.” -Sioux Prayer
So, What is Sweetgrass?

So, What is Sweetgrass?

By Mary Kay Walton | 02-Sep-2017 | 0
  • Sweetgrass is a sacred plant to Native Americans. Its scientific name is Hierochloe adorata, meaning the fragrant, holy grass. In the Cherokee language, wiingaashk, it means “sweet smelling grass”– a symbol of kindness and compassion.  Sweetgrass is used to make beautiful baskets.
  • Braiding Sweetgrass is the title of a book written by Robin Wall Kimmerer. The author is a scientist, mother, distinguished professor at SUNY in New York and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Our group read Braiding Sweetgrass, a favorite of book clubs, and were so moved by the stories of relationships between the natural world and humans that we chose the name, Sweetgrass, for our community.
  • Sweetgrass is a vision for a small community; an agrihood with a purpose. It is a not-for-profit program within a residential development that serves people who want to live independently and need assistance to do so. The community is anchored by seniors and supports aging in place. The neighborhood has acreage, yet is close to the amenities offered by a city. It numbers 125 residents or less and is built on the values of community, friendship, nature and diversity. People with mild disabilities, mild autism and youth aging out of foster care live and work in the community. Enterprising singles and young families live in the community and some of them work there, along with aspiring farmers. Our goal is for homes and apartments to be universal design and affordable. Sweetgrass is a Generations of Hope- inspired community.  Our design is also inspired by the Pocket Neighborhoods and homes created by Ross Chapin Architects.  Ross Chapin is the author of Pocket Neighborhoods.  Homes and neighborhoods designed by Ross Chapin are pictured throughout the website.
  • Our vision is for everyone to live in a Sweetgrass community; a place of belonging.

About Mary Kay Walton

Mary Kay Walton is the founder of Sweetgrass and is a serving board member.

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