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caption bottom“Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.” -Sioux Prayer
Sweetgrass Community Creates Website

Sweetgrass Community Creates Website

By Mary Kay Walton | 26-Aug-2017 | 0

The Sweetgrass website launched at the end of August, 2017.

We board members had to dig deep and think about every aspect of the project. We researched similar communities. We looked at websites of all kinds. We wrestled with our goals for the website. What do we want this site to accomplish?

The Sweetgrass team met for the first time in October, 2014. Over these few years we have visited other communities, which has inspired us and helped to shape our vision. Visiting communities online, in preparation for creating the website, just added to the anticipation of establishing our own project.

We knew that we were joining a Farm-to-Table movement that provides healthy food for its residents. We knew, too, that we were mission-driven. We intend to have residents of all ages and varying abilities and a not-for-profit program that provides services for people who need them. We did not want to depict ourselves as a luxury development.

We debated structure, color, photos and ended up with complete consensus, using many photos from our own lives.

Then the question: What do we want this site to accomplish?   The words of Tom Berkshire came back to us. We are a Generations of Hope-inspired project. Tom Berkshire, president of Generations of Hope has been our consultant for almost four years. About the website, he said, “Remember that you are not trying to sell anything. You are seeking involvement.”   So, we kept those words in mind.

If you haven’t visited an inclusive, intentional, Farm-to-Table community it is hard to imagine. We hope that this website provides a tangible vision and motivates you to find out more about Sweetgrass if you are a senior with love to give, a person who needs a little support for living independently, a parent of someone who needs support or a young adult who wants to live in a cool community.

Thanks to Ross Chapin Architects for allowing us to use photos of communities and homes that their company has designed.  The photos describe our vision for Sweetgrass.

Our vision is for everyone to live in a Sweetgrass community; a neighborly community.

About Mary Kay Walton

Mary Kay Walton is the founder of Sweetgrass and is a serving board member.

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